Photography: Extinct by Krowdog

Two weeks ago I saw the “Dinosaurs Alive! 3D” IMAX movie at the California Science Center (I highly recommend you see it if you have the chance). It was amazing to see some dinosaurs recreated using computer technologies and animated, reenacting possible fighting and movements of the creatures. The movie left me hoping that one day, man might be able to somehow clone these dinosaur bones and remains and build a real Jurassic Park.  To see one of these unbelievable creatures alive in the flesh would be truly amazing. After seeing this film, I would jump at the chance to see one alive (and I would probably allow a large dent to be made in my wallet to see one too ;) )

I happened across an article this morning and the headline made me think it may be possible one day. The headline said “Dinosaur Fossil Found With Preserved Soft Tissue” A teenage boy found some dinosaur remains that are more than other bones. It appears that the actual dinosaur flesh and muscle (etc) was preserved as a fossil as well. The findings haven’t been scientifically verified yet but it sounds like this find is very big if the scientific peer-review checks out ok.

It doesn’t sound like cloning would be possible from this find but I’m very anxious to see it anyhow. You might think “yeah yeah, dinosaurs, big deal” but try seeing “Dinosaurs Alive 3D” and see if your interest in dinosaurs is not increased a bit.

It would be incredible to see a real live dinosaur. If you are knowledgeable on the subject, could a Jurassic Park ever be possible? Is there any possibility of finding dinosaurs remains that could be potentially clonable?

Dinosaurs Alive (A real Jurassic Park or not?)

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