The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN
Photography: The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN by Image Editor

I haven’t written here for a while, (but I have some plans to do more blogging and get a new blogging setup going, after all blogging is good for you! ) But I found that a topic got started on a forum about a previous experience I had (that I wrote about here)

A comment on that forum thread reminded me about the “Large Hadron Collider” which is a giant experimental physics machine/facilty that basically takes the tiniest particles known to man and makes them collide with each other at near light speed in hopes of discovering even tinier particles. If they find what has been dubbed “The God Particle” then it would be considered a major breakthrough in physics.

On the other hand, there are some concerns that this experiment could create “tiny black holes” or other side effects that could potentially wipe out the entire planet. So, these concerns obviously make this experiment a big event.

From Wikipedia:

Concerns have been raised that performing collisions at previously unexplored energies might unleash new and disastrous phenomena. These include the production of micro black holes, and strangelets, potentially resulting in a doomsday scenario.

What makes this even more interesting is the time that the first collisions are scheduled to take place is around the same date that a crazy (I hope) guy I met last year predicted the end of the world to be – August 2, 2008

Again from Wikipedia:

The first beams are due for injection mid June 2008 with the first collisions planned to take place 2 months later.

I don’t know the exact date of the first collisions but according to this it would be in August 2008.

I’m going to predict that on August 2, 2008 and the preceeding days after we’ll all be living life as usual. (After all what do I have to lose with this prediction, if it’s right, I’ll be hailed as wise, and if it’s wrong, nobody will be around, so it can’t be rubbed in my face lol). I remember we all thought the end was surely going to come when the clock struck midnight of December 31, 1999, but now almost ten years later, the end hasn’t come yet. I do believe that it is near but how near or how far, only God knows. (Matthew 24:36)

The LHC is a very interesting project and I hope that whoever is in charge knows better that to risk earth and humanity, if there truly is a significant risk. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. But I thought it all made for an interesting blog post as I’ve been fascinated by the LHC project since I first heard about it a while back. I certainly hope that it isn’t a doomsday scenario but at least I’ll have a month to play with my new iPhone 3g w/ GPS! (JK)

The End…

UPDATE (6/30/2008): Accorting to Gizmodo there is no need to fear a Report Confirms Large Hadron Collider Will Not Spawn Doomsday Scenario, End World As We Know It . Also the LHC will fire up sooner than August (

Is The Large Hadron Collider… The End?…

Sea In my Fingers (thank friends)
Photography: Sea In my Fingers (thank friends) by valpopando (Yes Photography)

I started reading Bro. Larry Bookers book “Journey Of A Lifetime“. So far it’s a very interesting read, and a very open story of who Bro. Booker once was.

As I’ve said before, I’m trying to get more of my photos on here. I have some nice ones of Bro. Holmes church. I went there last weekend and it was alot of fun. A great church and an amazing church building!

I’ve also been working on a new website ““. I’m just working on it at my leisure. It has a long way to go but it is currenly filled with over 60,000 businesses! So it was a fun project and hopefully it will become a useful and valuable website one day.

A Few Notes

Photography: Meta-Emma by doublecappuccino

Today’s word of the day is “Meta”

Taken from Wikipedia, Meta is defined as …

Meta (from Greek: μετά = “after”, “beyond”, “with”), is a prefix used in English in order to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. The Greek meta is equivalent to the Latin post.

A few interesting examples…

For example, metadata are data about data (who has produced them, when, what format the data are in and so on). Similarly, metamemory in psychology means an individual’s knowledge about whether or not they would remember something if they concentrated on recalling it.

This is a word that has captured my imagination since I learned of it. (And also that’s a great photo above :) )

Meta – The word of the day

Lift Off- Best Viewed Large
Photography: Lift Off- Best Viewed Large by aussiegall

This shot is just plain awesome. It somehow seems so sureal but scenes like this take place all over the world every day. I guess it’s sureal to me because we don’t normally see something like this on a bugs scale like here.

Great, great shot! I’m gonna try to get a shot like that sometime :)

Lift Off

I have had it in the back of my mind for a while, that there are not enough pictures of people on my photoblog…
Hence, I randomly present to you… people.

Photography: Omarion by Dunny

Photography: Characters by annuj

Photography: by servo.

not that reluctant
Photography: not that reluctant by Rachel-B

peek a ash
Photography: peek a ash by Peta M

184: s c a t t e r
Photography: 184: s c a t t e r by beyondthesparkle

Photography: IMG_8118 by 油姬

Photography: * by .tyler. – Claudio Martella

Photography: Eva by Lothian’s Foto’s

Se me va el color
Photography: Se me va el color by losing_2007

Photography: Julín. by *mica

Pizza Cone
Photography: Pizza Cone by Vanderleia Machado

My sister, il-bocca
Photography: My sister, il-bocca by katuta

Photography: by Georgina Robinson

People Make The World Go Round

Photography: Extinct by Krowdog

Two weeks ago I saw the “Dinosaurs Alive! 3D” IMAX movie at the California Science Center (I highly recommend you see it if you have the chance). It was amazing to see some dinosaurs recreated using computer technologies and animated, reenacting possible fighting and movements of the creatures. The movie left me hoping that one day, man might be able to somehow clone these dinosaur bones and remains and build a real Jurassic Park.  To see one of these unbelievable creatures alive in the flesh would be truly amazing. After seeing this film, I would jump at the chance to see one alive (and I would probably allow a large dent to be made in my wallet to see one too ;) )

I happened across an article this morning and the headline made me think it may be possible one day. The headline said “Dinosaur Fossil Found With Preserved Soft Tissue” A teenage boy found some dinosaur remains that are more than other bones. It appears that the actual dinosaur flesh and muscle (etc) was preserved as a fossil as well. The findings haven’t been scientifically verified yet but it sounds like this find is very big if the scientific peer-review checks out ok.

It doesn’t sound like cloning would be possible from this find but I’m very anxious to see it anyhow. You might think “yeah yeah, dinosaurs, big deal” but try seeing “Dinosaurs Alive 3D” and see if your interest in dinosaurs is not increased a bit.

It would be incredible to see a real live dinosaur. If you are knowledgeable on the subject, could a Jurassic Park ever be possible? Is there any possibility of finding dinosaurs remains that could be potentially clonable?

Dinosaurs Alive (A real Jurassic Park or not?)

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